// Buen día and welcome to Sexteto Cristal
Sexteto Cristal keeps the beautiful sound of almost forgotten musical tradition of tango alive. The desire of tangueros for the danceable „classics“ of all time was the first inspiration and horizon of the sextet on the way to create their own style and repertoire.
You can hear the original sound of different orchestras and styles, which mirrors the very special melodious phrasing, dramatic articulation and powerful rhythm of the golden age of tango argentine.

Come, listen & dance…

The musicians of the ensemble are mostly located in Hamburg and Berlin, but connected to famous argentine singers and friends all over europe.
…exquisite & pure tango argentine for dancing and concert…
// The ensemble
Invited artists
Maja Hunziker (violin / CH)
Rupert Dintinger
(violin / GER)
Christian Gerber
(bandoneon / GER)
Hendrik Lessmann
(bandoneon / GER)
Pablo Woizinski
(piano / ARG)
Anna-Maria Huhn
(double bass / GER)
Guillermo Rozenthuler (vocals / ARG)
Amancio Mendiondo
(vocals / ARG)
Enrique Freixa
(vocals / ARG)
Sergio Gobi (
vocals / ARG)
Oscar Ovejero
(vocals / ARG)
Peter Reil
(bandoneon / GER)
Asbjorg Ryeng
(bandoneon / NOR)
Leonardo Terrugi
(double bass / ARG)
Rodolfo Pacapelo
(double bass / ARG)
Felipe Nichols
(double bass / ARG)
// listen
For our CD „Viento del norte“ (recorded 2015) we worked together with the famous singer Guillermo Rozenthuler. The release contains 13 pieces of more or less dancing stuff and is only available from us. Feel free to ask for a hard copied CD or digital download.
  1. El adios
  2. Viento norte
  3. S.O.S.
  4. Despues del carnaval
  5. Mi vieja linda
  6. Flor de montserrat
  7. Contando las estrellas
  8. Cuando florescan
  9. Noches de invierno
  10. Vals del recuerdo
  11. Caricias
  12. Mentira
  13. El recodo

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// Contact
Rupert Dintinger
  (+49)(0) 178 2468 054
Sexteto Cristal GbR
℅ Rupert Dintinger
Raboisenstr. 36
25336 Elmshorn
UST-IdNr.: 13/220/32550
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